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  • Is it possible to import annotated data? If so, what file format does the platform support?
    Yes, our platform support importation of CSV file and json file format from Labelme.
  • Is it possible to download (export) the annotation from the platform? If so what is the exported file format?
    Yes, you can download your annotations directly from the platform in CSV format.
  • Is it possible to do different types of annotation on one image at the same time?
    Yes, you can , when creating a project, you can select any or all 3 type of annotation, and annonotate all at once as you go through each image.
  • If I exit the platform midway through a project, will I lose the previous annotations?
    All work will be automatically saved as soon as you annotate it, so you won't have to worry about loosing your valuable annotations. However, you must 'submit' your annotation in order fo it to be sent to training.
  • Is it possible to manually configure the hot-keys?
    yes, you can configure the hotkeys based on your habit.
  • Does the annotation module support touchscreen or stylus?
    yes, touchscreen and stylus are supported.
  • How should I prepare my training data?
    The data used for training, should be as close to real world data as possible, so that the trained model will perform well in real world situation.
  • How much data are needed to get a high accurate model?
    Our platform utilizes transfer learning and data augmentation so that we can reduce the amount of data needed; Even though having more data could lead to better deep learning results, but the quality of the data is just as important, if not more important.
  • Can I upload models on to the platform to do further training/retraining?
    We currently do now support uploading of models, if there such a need, please contact us.
  • Will you provide manual hyper-parameter tuning and related instructions?
    We provide semi-manual hyper-parameter tuning for advanced users, who are familiar with the technical terms , so we do not provide addition instructions on this topic. A quick online search should provide you with what you need to learn about hyper-parameter turning.
  • Can I download the trained model?
    Yes, after the training is completed, you can download the model, including all the parameters and quantitative analysis of the batch inference.
  • How do I use the model after I download it?
    The downloaded model will include themodel architecture, model weight, inference script template, users will need expertise in deploying and configuring relevant parameters. DeepQ also provide model deployment services, please contact us for more details.
  • Does the platform provide explainable AI?
    With image classificiation, our platform provide heat-map so that you can have a visual explanation of the inference result.
  • How should I avoid over-fitting?
    With more data available for training, the less likelihood of overfitting. Our platform utilizes data augmentation to help increase data number and have an early-stop mechanism to avoid over-fitting. We do recommend that you prepare as much training data as possible and the training data should be similar to the testing data.
  • What is the basic computer and internet requirement to operate the platform?
    Our platform is web-based, any computer or tablet with web-browser and a stable broadband internet connection can access our platform.
  • What is the hardware requirement for the on-premise enterprise solution?
    Our on-premise enterprise solution will include an all-in-one workstation with two Nvidia A100 GPU; however, if you already have GPU resources or require other specification or configuration, please contact us for more details.
  • How do you ensure privacy and safety for your cloud solutions?
    Our cloud solutions meet all the information security requirements and DeepQ will at no instance or in any way access user data.
  • I am interested in non-imaging related AI development (big data, NLP etc), does your platform support these?
    Our AI platform is currently focused in computer vision and we will continue to make platform enhancement centered around images. However, if there's an non-imaging project you are interested, please feel free to contact us, our team specializes in all aspects of artificial intelligence.
  • What types of images does you platform support?
    Our platform currently support png, jpg and DICOM images.


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