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Data Annotation Module 


A comprehensive tool to prepare image datasets


The quality & quantity of datasets is the key to high performing AI models, but traditionally, preparing datasets is a tedious and lengthy process. DeepCAP is designed with a highly intuitive interface, and includes critical features such as project management, AI-assisted annotation, and smart validation, to help you better prepare high-quality reliable data for training.


Simple and Intuitive Data Upload Method

Support image types: DICOM/JPG/PNG/Lableme.

3rd party annotation compatible.

Smart error diagnosis and resolution suggestions for data uploads.


Dataset Gallery

We have curated various clinical image datasets such as radiology, dermatology and pathology, one click to import and use them right away!

​Feature Highlights

Effective Project Management

Annotation can be a team based effort. Create your annotation project, provide instructions, set timelines, manage workforce, dispatch tasks and check the real-time progress.


And you can also export your annotation results anytime and start training AI models.

Smart Annotation Quality Control

Our platform is here to help you create high-quality training data by provide different annotation validation methods for you to choose based on your own needs.

  1. DeepCap Smart Validation (DSV): provides consistency rating for a multi-annotator job, turning subjective annotation results into certified ground truth.

  2. Reviewer validation: assign expert(s) to validate annotation results.

Effortless Data Annotation

Classification annotation: Simply divide images into different folders during data upload.

Detection and Segmentation annoataion: intuitive and user-friendly annotation tools that makes your annotation tasks stress-free.

Medical multi-series image support.

Customizable Hotkeys.

Touchscreen & stylus support.

AI-Assisted Annotation

Let AI do most of your annotation. Annotate a portion of the images then let AI takes over, and you just need to simply review and modify if necessary.

Optimized for Medical Images

We provide a fully functional medical image viewer that has all the tools needed for viewing/annotation, from CT windowing adjustment to serial-image/multi-series display. Image data is arranged by their study/series structure to give you a clear and organized workspace.


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