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Inference Deployment Module


Where "AI model" meets "real-world"

Seamless flow from develop to deploy

Model Deployment is the last piece of an MLOPs cycle and it is where the power of AI brought to light. Improve performance and efficiency in your clinical workflow with Deeploy.

​Feature Highlights

All-In-One Ecosystem

Whether your DeepQ AI models were trained on the cloud or on-premise, import them and start AI deployment effortlessly.

Streamlined Deployment Process

Deploy model with just a few simple steps: import & select model, configure data query set(s)/worklist items/indicators and authorize users.

Automated Data Flow

In adherence to DICOM standard protocols, Deeploy enables the seamless and automatic exchange of data and inference with PACS or imaging instruments.

Smart Dispatch Solution

Each incoming image data will be automatically sent to its intended AI model based on predefined query rule sets.

Insightful AI Worklist & Viewer

The configurable AI worklist offers a comprehensive overview of the inferred cases, while the AI viewer provides enriched information, including heatmap display, segmentation area calculation and more.

Customizable AI Indicator

Setup visual indicators with your customized rules to empower AI assistance, optimizing both workflow and efficiency.

Multi-model Management

Deeploy enables you to deploy, run and manage different AI models simultaneously. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive evaluation of each model by individually monitoring their statistics and performance.

Connecitivty and Beyond

Integrate the AI inference results into other healthcare IT systems such as RIS, HIS or SMS with APIs to develop more practical use cases.


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