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DeepQ AI Training

Model Training Module


The ability of AI experts in your hand


our no-code AI training module eliminates the entry barrier of AI. Without any computer science background necessary, all you need is a good idea and data, our AutoML engine kicks in to train a high performing model in the least amount of time.

​Feature Highlights

Fully Automated with Zero-Coding

With few simple clicks, our autoML engine will do all the work, including selecting network architecture, splitting training and validation data, turning hyper-parameters and scheduling GPU resources. You don't need to worry about the technical jargons, simply just wait for the notification and check the results.

Better Outcome with Less Data

With our built-in advanced features, including transfer learning and data augmentation, you can achieve high-performing models with relatively less data

Up-to-Date Model Zoo

To ensure our users establish a competitive edge in the dynamic AI environment, our platform provide cutting-edge and comprehensive model zoo tailored to fulfill your unique needs, featuring models such as YOLO V7 and Transformer families.


Validate Training Results

Model training is only half the story, testing it with real-world-data is the real challenge. Deploy your models and create inference results. Run your models on data with ground truth to get objective results for further analysis.

Empowering AI Insight: Real-time Statistic and Comprehensive Metrics

Our platform provides real-time statistics for training and inference, including data distribution, training curves. It also provides indicators like heatmaps, confusion matrices, AUROC curves, mAP, and DICE coefficients. Empowering users with data scientist capabilities to in-depth analisis for a comprehensive understanding of model performance and optimization strategies.


Flexible Label Display Setting

During the review of inference results, users can easily toggle each label on and off based on their preferences, allowing for a clearer view for the results.


Optimized Training Resource Management

Effortlessly monitor and manage GPUs with smart GPU resource management and automated task queuing.


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